Why is facebook in french

why is facebook in french

In honour of "International Francophonie Day" on March 20th, here's a look at the 23 things you don't find out about the French language until. Go to Settings -> Under the Hood -> Web Content -> Languages and spell- checker settings and make sure the first language in the list is. Why are my notifications suddenly appearing in French my lang is set to English. News Feed. Notifications. Asked about 9 months ago by Vera. 21 Votes ·

Why is facebook in french - idea

Sign Up. One of the fun language options on Facebook is Pirate English. Feedback request - What are your thoughts on three-vote closure. However, if you're using the mobile app, the steps are entirely different between Android and iOS. However, that doesn't always works so great, plus it's not permanent. With over languages to choose from, Facebook probably supports your own language so that you can read everything in what's comfortable to you. What is the way to change this back. I can't think of any others. Sign up to join this https://libracryptouk.com/lbc-facebook.html. Thank you. If you're using Facebook on a mobile browser, you can change the language from the menu button:. Open this link to jump right to the language settings. Click one and confirm it with the Change Language button that appears. Even though my Facebook is set up in English. Pureferret: Likely, the site doesn't have a UK English version, so it goes to your next preferred language, which is set to French. The second was French. Deactivating the VPN will sort out the problem. Testing three-vote question…. Now, Facebook has clear options to choose and customize the settings based on our need. So why does the internet think I'm french? Sign up using Email and Password. Why is Spanish showing why is facebook in french on my Facebook when I have English as my language? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. How link I change the language of a Facebook notification from Hindi to English? English United Kingdom was the first option, and was selected. I'm talking about the settings in Chrome, not the system. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. why is facebook in french

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